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Properties are usually the highest, or at least a significant value in the balance of assets of individuals or companies. But who determines this value? How is it composed? What has to be considered? At least in sales - and, of course, when buying, in litigation, i.e. divorce, inheritance or when making financial decisions, when lending, taking out an equity loan or mortgaging, it is important to determine the market value.

To be able to issue a justified opinion on the value of a property one needs to make use of a wide range of instruments, experience and expertise, which is applied in multiple ways. Taking account of the legal situation beginning with the planning law, the law of tenancy, physical inventory and possibly existing defects or damage on the existing building structure, taking into account the future revenues and the potential of its usability for an expected buyer. For the non-specialist, it is hardly possible for example, in older buildings, to determine the impact of modernization or lack of modernization on the value of the property to identify and ultimately to quantify it. The same applies to the value of premises still under construction or the expansion of buildings and in cases where the outstanding work of various trades has to be assessed.

Sure, we are a competent partner for all opinions concerning a property

We provide reliable and recognized expertise with great detail on the basis of the «Normative Document» and the «Experts Manual», that meet any requirements. We also cling to the USPAP. Our reports are well founded, comprehensible and written in easy, understandable language. The staff of our highly qualified company guarantees this. The managing owner, Rolf Schubert, has proved this since 1999, when he received the certification according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024 by the IfS-Zert GmbH in Cologne, Germany and was publicly appointed and sworn in by the Chamber of Commerce of Cologne, Germany.

We speak German, English and Turkish.